Remembering and Preserving the Past

Lanai’s old plantation houses have a lot of charm and character. Over the years, artists such as Pamela Andelin, Billyo O’Donnell, and Mike Carroll have captured their personalities on canvas. Today, with so many of the older houses being demolished to make way for new homes for our island’s residents, it’s important we record these older homes. On a recent Sunday morning, we went through the Mike Carroll Gallery to review some of the paintings, then hit the road to photograph the same homes. We wanted our readers to be able to enjoy Mike's delightful work in color, accompanied by photos of the actual locations, (where they still exist.) - All paintings by Mike Carroll, Photos by Alberta de Jetley

Morning Shadows: An advantage artists have is they can move utility poles! This garden is always filled with Filipino vegetables growing behind its hibiscus hedge.

Morning on Ilima Avenue:
The jeep in front of this house is still parked there!

Olapa Street: Typical of the back streets in the old town, Olapa St. is narrow but a great place for artists and photographers.

Wild Orchids: Cookie Hashimoto’s garage has been a favorite of artists and
photographers. The corrugated metal has a wonderful patina which sets off
the flowering orchid beds in front of it beautifully.

House and Garden: Midi and Johnny Eharris were the last tenants in this home on Lanai Avenue. It is one of three houses next to the Lanai Playhouse Theatre scheduled to be rebuilt in its original style.

Setting Sun: Rooptops of the houses on 10th Street, looking towards the Dole Labor Yard.
Jacaranda Sunset: This house to the left used to stand behind First Hawaiian Bank and was a part of the bank manager’s residence. It was torn down in 2013.


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