Lanai's only print newspaper, published since 2007, Lanai Today is a free monthly publication that delivers coverage of
all the events and activities of the lovely island of Lanai.
Our April 2014 issue featured a photo spread on the back page of Lanai’s old plantation houses, which have a lot of charm and character. Over the years, artists such as Pamela Andelin, Billyo O’Donnell, and Mike Carroll have captured their personalities on canvas. Today, with so many of the older houses being demolished to make way for new homes for our island’s residents, it’s important we record these older homes. On a recent Sunday morning, we went through the Mike Carroll Gallery to review some of the paintings, then hit the road to photograph the same homes. We wanted our readers to be able to enjoy Mike's delightful work in color, accompanied by photos of the actual locations, (where they still exist.) - All paintings by Mike Carroll, Photos by Alberta de Jetley. Click here to view that page in full color.


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